Michelle Joni’s ::Magical:: Mystery Tour

The Beatles have lit a fire in my soul like never before.


I’ve been fully immersed in The Beatles since the womb – their music, their influence, their legacy – my love for the boys is by blood. But after seeing Magical Mystery Tour for the first time last night (in theaters, no less, with partial-narration by The Beatles and others), I fell madly in love with them in a whole new light. I guess this is “THE MOMENT.”

I originally took my camera out to snap a few shots for The Fest Facebook Page, but something about this action hooked me in.

Suddenly, this very same four-inch camera screen that I take all my pictures through – of my friends, my family, my food, myself and my life – I now saw The Beatles through. What more beautiful subjects could one desire? I could feel their presence both as models – and as fellow creatives.

Magical Mystery Tour is – at its core – an indie fashion film that just happens to be filled with iconic imagery. Images seen thousands of times before, all sewn together in this ferociously colored and artfully mastered videography, laden in uniqueness and sheer oddities.

This was their art. And as their art unfolded, I captured them in my preferred artistic aesthetic style – a series of photographs capturing moments as they unfold.

Although it’s great to get a clear shot here and then, the blurriness is what I find most fascinating. When you get the blur, you get purely the essence of a person – the most interesting part of all. Paul’s heavy, winsome glance. John’s composure. George’s handsome serenity. Ringo’s playfulness. The details are for your imagination to piece together, a play-thing for your mind.

A person’s essence is the thing makes you recognize them after so many years. The way we move, our presence in a room and the energy we emit changes very little from age five to 75. You can even understand a stranger just by capturing their essence.

This is my brush-stroke interpretation of the film.
A virtual oil painting of essence.
A cover song of sorts.

To me, any of these photos could stand alone as a centerpiece painting in a living room. Abstract photography of moments that mean something powerful.

For me, this my favorite work of art yet. And I have the absolute most goddamn stylish, brilliant and classy band that ever existed to thank.

Throw Magical Mystery Tour on the turntable (or listen to the album here) as you enter:

Michelle Joni’s ::Magical:: Mystery Tour

Dying to take you away!

Stars in the sky art

Ear photoForest snowPaul McCartney PhotoFool on the hill moviesky and landEyeball Close-upVanishing Dance Standing on a rockPaul McCartneyPaul McCartneyPurple CloudsFade to blackBus AnnouncerLaughing PeopleBeatles SleepingBlurred FaceBlurred FaceGeorge Harrison and John LennonMoustacheWhite Hair Woman Magical Mystery TourMagical Mystery BusTrain movingMagical Mystery Tour UKVictor Spinetti Magical Mystery Tour Beatles British FlagUnion JackA tizzyVictor Spinetti Magical Mystery Tour LineupRingo Starr British FlagVictor Spinetti British FlagRingo and Aunt JessieVictor Spinetti

I pause the movie here for now with someone who I am lucky to say was a personal friend of mine: The late Victor Spinetti. If you think he’s a star on film, you should see what he’s like across the breakfast table.

Victor Spinetti Yelling

And that’s how the ::magic:: happens.

Order your ::magic:: – Oct 9th is the release of the Magical Mystery Tour DVD, Blu-Ray and Deluxe Box Set and you don’t want to miss it!

6 thoughts on “Michelle Joni’s ::Magical:: Mystery Tour

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  2. You took a plethora of photographs of something that has ALREADY been filmed and you expect me to believe it is art and that you have done something here? Are you high all the time, and if so can you point me in the direction of this drug, it sounds positively more insane than the drugs these guys were on.

    • I am the owner of a gallery in Portland and I would LOVE to display these masterful works of art! Could you have them printed and framed before the year is over? I am thinking this would be a HUGE for the Christmas shopping season. If that is not enough time, I suggest we target Valentine’s day.

      • You own a gallery? Oh wow, since we read it here on the internet we now totally believe you! Probably Ms. Michelle’s pseudonym.

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