NYC Birthday Recommendation: Le Caire Lounge

NYC Skyline

Fact: People ask me for recommendations in New York City ALL the time. Spa recommendations, birthday ideas, dinner suggestions with a view for out-of-towners, great lobster nooks, the best little Asian nail salon, vintage shopping destinations and beyond. Honestly, this probably happens three times a week. Apparently I have a fair amount of klout and am doing a good job hiding the fact that I really just sit home on Facebook every night.

Okay, fine. I suppose I have garnered a pretty robust amount of experience as a result of living, dining, spa-ing and partying here over the past six years. And a chunk of the evidence is, indeed, on Facebook.

There’s no need to open up a forum to Ask Me Anything, because it’s already happening! Instead, I’m opening up a forum to tell you what my answers were. Such as this Facebook chat message the other day…


Hi Michelle – Just reaching out b/c I’ve noticed you have some fun party pics on fb. I’m planning my big 3-0 in a month and I’m looking for ideas for a non typical post bday din lounge/activity. I’m also in New York. If you have any fun, unique birthday suggestions, would really appreciate it.


Hey Laureen – I totally recommend what I did for my birthday last year. Le Caire Lounge on 3rd and B. Really cool little dim red-lit hookah bar with good DJs on pretty much every night. I sort of “rented out” (without paying) the bottom floor, so it was like our own private cave.

“Hey Michelle – thanks so much! Sounds exactly what I’m going for:)” Ah, yes, another satisfied customer! I really love helping people. I mean, more so with deeper topics, but since I don’t post pictures on Facebook of myself giving life-changing advice to friends (yet), an NYC guru I shall be. (Hey YOU – feel free to ask me anything, too!)

Here are some pictures of my birthday last year (T-19 days to go till the next one… ahhh!!! The most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!), and also of my darling friend Ivy’s birthday at Le Caire Lounge few months later. She loved my little Hookah Dance Party in a cave and decided to throw one of her own.

Le Caire Lounge

Other things I love about Le Caire Lounge for a birthday:

– The drinks aren’t expensive and they’ll do a 2-for-1 special for a few hours, too.

– You can choose upstairs (and claim a few tables)…

Hookah Bar Photo

– …or you can claim the whole downstairs.

– They have the standard mediterranean dishes, great for casual sharing.

Le Caire Lounge

– They’ll bring you a yummy chocolate birthday cake with a candle…

Birthday Cake

Michelle Joni Birthday

Make a wish birthday cake

 – …and champagne! On fire!!!

Le Caire Lounge ChampagneChampagne on fire

– ALSO! Studies have shown that Le Caire Lounge is the preferred place that boyfriends say “I love you” for the very first time. Findings based upon only one case study. Wink wink… yes, it was a very good birthday.

Le Caire Lounge - Michelle Joni dancing


Tank: Staring at stone
Pants: (Will add when I find them)
Necklace: Grandma’s
Shoes: Elizabeth and James

Photography: By me, Jessica Levy, and whoever grabbed my camera that night – kisses!

2 thoughts on “NYC Birthday Recommendation: Le Caire Lounge

  1. Hi Michelle Joni…I came across your blog from a website that featured and article on your unorthodox journey to finding yourself. Your afro wig generates reactions from people and you get a sense of self from it that perhaps you haven’t without the wig. I can understand your journey on some level but not all. I’ve been navigating your blog site to get your full perspective instead of a snippet from some other opinionated blog. I wanted to make sure my initial feeling (pretty offended) was not from someone else’s opinion. I came across this particular blog on a place for a party in NYC and I feel I see the ‘real’ you. You are still very animated and seem like a very fun person whom many would love to just be around. I’m all fine with you finding yourself, we all should be on this journey at some point in our lives. I still can’t get comfortable with the afro, though. Why with the afro? I’m sure you’ve been asked fifty thousand times here but how do you find ‘yourself’ hiding under a costume? It seems to me that means you’re trying not to be yourself. The whole point of the ‘natural hair movement’ is for women of color to fully love who they are. I don’t care how your hair grows out of your head, if you feel that you need to chemically alter it to be more beautiful, something is wrong. (btw…not talking about color change, I’m cool with that just changing it from what was deemed ‘nappy’ and negative to be straight and adhere to the European standard of beauty. I’ve come to my own conclusion about this learning about my African cultural history and this is how I feel about it. Wearing an afro isn’t the same as wearing a baret, like your friend found. The difference is that many women of color are going through the process of deprogramming themselves of what was thought to be the standard of beauty and go through months and years of ‘finding themselves’ beautiful the way God created them. This happens to be our journey and wearing and afro is still offensive to me. Have you ever looked are your blonde hair and desperately needed to kink it up? Does any of this matter to you? Finding yourself means to truly embrace you, like the woman I see posing with her hip out and her arm over her head.

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