Afros, Vital To The Soul

Afro Michelle Joni Art

It’s been two full, whirlwind weeks of blogging and man, I’m loving every minute of it! Yep, even that delirious minute just before 5 AM the other night, still up and writing. Those kinds of adrenaline-filled minutes make my life.

There’s one particular minute that stands out, however. On Friday morning, one of my readers (a fellow blogger friend) recognized one of my missions (decoded my soul) before I even said it. She said to me:

i found my afro

I couldn’t be more elated. She feels my vibes. People out there in the world are now looking at perception-changing accessories as afros – and telling me about it. Perhaps people are thinking of experiences and moments as afros too? Why yes!

Afro blog

Red Beret Candice Kilpatrick

Hear that? It’s my heart going BOOM.

One of my core beliefs is that it’s a healthy and vital practice to constantly seek out new ways in which to view the world. I encourage you to not only search for it, but to be cognizant of all the little things that make you learn more deeply about yourself on a daily basis. Did a sibling inspire you to push harder in your career? (Which buttons did they press?) Did a new coat make people react differently to you? (Did this make you smile more?)  The better you can pinpoint things that change or enlighten you, the better you’ll get to know yourself. And the better you get to know yourself,  the more you’ll accept and fall madly in love with that very same self.

And so, in this spirit I ask you:

What’s your recent afro?

Check here to read more about Candice’s red beret afro-moment on her afro-blog for inspiration. Also, you have been reading about my many crazy afros here – from the big Bat Mitzvah to improv – level two starts today! Now it’s your turn – comment below, tweet, email or send by carrier pigeon – I want to know your afros.

Improv changed my life

I also wanted to have a symbol on this blog signifying all these great afro moments, so last night I played around and created these. I suppose one might call them branding materials. I hereby declare myself lead designer and creative director of Before and Afro.

Click through each afro to reminisce, and look out for these guys on future posts!



8 thoughts on “Afros, Vital To The Soul

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  2. My afro isn’t a “red beret”. Its not an accessory. Its who I am. Its how my hair grows out of my scalp. Its not something that I put on to be “unique” or “trendy” or “enlightened”. Its a part of my racial and cultural identity. I have to deal with the negativity of having an afro every day. I can’t just take it off when I don’t want to be judged. That’s something you need to understand.

  3. There is no possible way that Brave New Red Beret is anything other than a parody of you. It’s kind of awesome that you posted it as a source of support.

    – I always thought red berets were [xyz].
    – Then I just got one, played dress-up, and did a fashion shoot.
    – Now I totally get red berets. They’re definitely [abc].


  4. I frankly, don’t see any problem with it period. Go on girl with your bad self…What say black women who are buying weaves that are straight and silky, changing their hairs into different blond shades and wearing green, blue you name it contact lenses. We are in the 21st century – any black women that see this as a problem, they need to give up the above mentioned and be natural. We must think with the gifted brain that we were born with and let go off the stupidity.

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  6. My “afro” is my baldness. Very empowering and “amplifying”. I love and value your spirit, and feel no need to make excuses for you or how anyone else may feel about you. It’s never about “me”. Other people’s perceptions of “me”, say more about them, than they do about “me”, You have over 2900 followers on your blog. Smile. You’re doing something right!

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