From a wild girls’ weekend on Fire Island to my first ever “gone fishin'” trip with the boys on the Delaware River Gap to a two-year-old’s birthday party in Brooklyn, there is one towel that carried me through Summer 2012, much like a ::magic:: carpet.


A happy orange splash of instant irreverence; a bold, authoritative statement of personal space and self-worth.

Michelle Joni beaching

By Ivy Davidoff

A towel to change my perspective on towels: Towels should be sexy. They’re more important than your bikini if you do it right. A towel is your stage; your home for the day. It can be the hub of entertaining or a place to stretch and meditate. If there’s one piece of sartorial advice I can give you for next summer, it’s ditch your one-person towel and invest in something large that you absolutely love – and that complements your coloring and key beach accessories.

I AM BUSY towel

Most notably, this towel proved to be a decadent canvas.

A canvas for bodies (part one), for possessions (part two), for memories (part three).

Fire Island beach

I’ve said a lot in words, but for now I have but one message to tell you:

I AM BUSY towel

By Ivy Davidoff

 towel on beach

Michelle Joni Orange Beach towel Thin clouds clouds in the sky

Green hat blue sky
wicker hat
green hat green ray

Green hat orange towel
Delaware Water GapCanoe on riverMakeup for campingMy lovely belongings I AM BUSY towelmen on the river towels on the rocksCrap on towelPhone, wallet, lighter, birth controlNecklace, tweezer, advilMidolSummer bagFlower iPhone case

Sunset Park BrooklynEdo's 2nd birthday partyItalian babyPark dayorange towelI AM BUSY towelFriends at parkMen on plaidPlaid on plaidMen bonding

Beautiful Manhattan skyline

By Ivy Davidoff

This Rirkrit Tiravanija Artist Towel, which benefits Art Production Fund, is available at ahalife.com. Lots more giant towel options where that came from!

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