Happy Spa Week! From The Afterlife

Michelle Joni 24K gold facial

Swedish massages, four-handed massages, caviar facials, 24 karat gold facials, Dead Sea salt scrubs, clay body wraps, organic spray tans, eyelash curling, cupping, gua sha, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Reiki, Velashape, Botox… when it comes to spa, you name it, I’ve done it – and likely filmed myself doing it. I live-streamed my first colonic so that thousands of curious clogged-colon souls could come along for the ride, I had a substantial hand in launching the whole Vajazzling craze of 2010, and laser beams have pointed my way for an ungodly number of aesthetic reasons.

Spa lip treatment

Why? For those of you new to my life, I spent two and a half years as the face of Spa Week. As editor of Spa Week Daily and social media director of the company, it was my job to try as many spa treatments as possible so that I could properly relay all the coolness and benefits of the spa lifestyle to millions of people. Michelle Joni, Spa-lebrity.

Spa Week michelle joni

Saran wrap facial

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Third eye chakra oil

Today kicks off Spa Week Fall 2012, and for the first time in six Spa Week seasons I’m on the sidelines! I haven’t been filming twelve different massages, blogging about the latest body sculpting technology in Arizona, tweeting about #50dollartreatments, hosting a red carpet spa affair, playing fairy spa-mother for bloggers around the country, nor exchanging any kidneys for national press.

Eyelash extensions

However, I just wouldn’t feel right letting this day pass without a solid Spa Week salute, without insisting that YOU go make the spa your own. This was usually my twice-a-year day to write an editor’s note about how amazing the spa is – and I believe it now more than ever.

So, ahem: Happy Spa Week! Ladies and gentlemen…  Spa Week Fall 2012 is Oct 15-21. Go treat yourself to a decadent spa treatment – or ten – for just $50 a piece. Hundreds of spas are participating across the country, and you can view the directory on spaweek.com. Book your treatments ASAP – you seriously deserve this!


Do I still got it? Ahhh yes. I have many fond memories of The Spa Week Era which will surely be popping up here more. On this inaugural day of Fall Spa Week I wanted to take you on a little trip down spa memory lane…

Spa bath

I filmed, directed, produced, starred in, edited, and promoted the Spa Week promo vide each season with no small amount of TLC, meeting some wicked-cool and very talented estheticians and therapists along the way. If you have about 15 minutes and feel like indulging in a virtual spa marathon, these four videos pretty much sum up the first leg of my career. (And all the things you should be trying yourself!)

Spring 2010: The Spa Crawl

Spring 2011: Michelle Joni and The Spa Boys

Fall 2011: Spa, Sing, Celebrate

Spring 2012: Wellness Gone Wild

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