Thank The Greek Gods

Pink and green Hair bow

I just told you about my baby UDress – the magazine I started from scratch; my triumphant college legacy! But was I always that leading, powerful, publisher-editrix dubbed the Anna Wintour of Delaware? Not a shot in hell. There was a whole … Continue reading

Growing Up Before Your Eyes

SPOILER ALERT: I’m about to show you something reeeeally trippy! Okay, I actually didn’t spoil it because I haven’t shown you anything yet. But just you wait. I’m making you read first. Soo… right before all the chaos struck about … Continue reading

Peep Inside My Invisible Knapsack

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Since the last time I blogged five days ago, a LOT has gone on in my brain. I’m back… and I’ve been to the MOON in the meantime. I have some news. My bubble has popped. I have re-read almost … Continue reading