I Am Beautiful and Everybody Loves Me

i am beautiful and everybody loves me

I want you to say it out loud, right now: “I am beautiful and everybody loves me!”

Ready? I’m waiting…

…tap tap tap…  …eyebrow raised…

You can’t just say it in your head. SAY IT!!

”  …. insert you saying it…..  ”

Yay! Good job! Didn’t that feel amazing?

Now, I want you to continue thinking this statement throughout the entire day. It is 100% true, but only matters if you believe it. If you believe it, it WILL be true. If you think it’s a load of bullshit, then it’s a load of bullshit. That’s how powerful you are. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are? DO YOU? It radiates from your core… it’s blinding! See, I’m putting on sunglasses.

bathroom picture

By the way, you should take a picture of yourself next time you go the bathroom so you don’t forget how stunning you are after you take a dump.

Did I always believe I was beautiful and everybody loves me? Hellz no. I think back to every new year’s resolution I made from about 14 till 24. Lose. Weight. I was starting the year telling myself to LOSE! Gross.

And so, I lost. I was never happy with my body. Not ever! Not until I got rid of my stupid scale, stopped obsessing, and started appreciating my body as it is. Then one day I stepped on a scale again and BOOM – I was twelve pounds lighter. True story.

I am beautiful! Everybody loves me! Wheee! It WORKS. It’s a relatively new phenomenon that I feel this strongly about it, and here’s the secret: You can’t be waiting for it. You are beautiful NOW. You are loved NOW. Think only of this moment, as if no past or future circumstances exist. If you lose twenty pounds, that is wonderful, but do not, please do not let your happiness hinge on it. If you fall in love tomorrow that’s amazing, but please, please love yourself today regardless. Just because things can get better doesn’t mean they aren’t already incredible. Manifest confidence from within you because that’s the real stuff. Let that sense of knowingness be the ship that steers you, organically, to make the changes you wish to see in your body and life.

All who have read this please comment below… I only want you to say one thing:

“I am beautiful and everybody loves me!!!” 

These cards are on backorder for a reason.

9 thoughts on “I Am Beautiful and Everybody Loves Me

  1. TRUE STORY! I threw out my scale, stopped weighing myself and focused only on feeling great and lost about 12lbs easily. And every time I find that I am getting weighed again (back to back drs visits etc) and start paying attention, the weight creeps back on. “What you resist persists” – Carl Jung

    • Truest of the true, Brett!! Hope you are doing well and feeling great. Apologies for the late response on my part. I didn’t want to comment on every single comment, but hey… What you resist persists.

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