Still and Sexy Wins The Race

Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot. – D.H. Lawrence

It’s actually not that I have nothing to say, honey please. I have too much to say.

I’ve recently started Transcendental Meditation, recently as in six days ago, and seriously every single time I’ve done my twenty minute meditation in the mornings and evenings, I have had some sort of life-affirming breakthrough. Each time I transcend into thoughtlessness I simultaneously launch into a whole new realm of thoughts. It’s basically the coolest mind-fuck ever! After each meditation I start to blog and make lists and read articles on the Internet and purchase books and sign up for classes (New Year’s Resolution in full effect!) and generally bubble up with impossible ideas that I plan to make possible. And then I meditate again, a whole new layer is painted onto the picture, and I start the rigamarole all over again.

So basically, I am waiting to really write again until I’m ready to say what I have to say in the hottest of manners. Although I’d love to waste your time with my fragmented yet totally badass chain of plans and desires, I don’t want to waste mine.

Love you, mean it! In the meantime, I have come to believe there is a high amount of personal growth potential in posting photos of your ass on Facebook.

michelle joni's ass

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