Resolving and Evolving

before and afro new year

To constantly evolve, you must constantly surround yourself with the people you want to be more like. These photos, taken New Year’s Day after brunch with friends, represent evolution. Much like old wisdom tailored for a new generation, this dress … Continue reading

Glenda Glitterati The Burlesque Barbie Plays The Fame Game

Back in the summer 2009 I did burlesque. World-famous Veronica Varlow, the vampy black-haired Danger Dame of burlesque based in New York City, graciously took me in for a gratis, private training session. After all, I’d need at least three hours … Continue reading

Growing Up Before Your Eyes

SPOILER ALERT: I’m about to show you something reeeeally trippy! Okay, I actually didn’t spoil it because I haven’t shown you anything yet. But just you wait. I’m making you read first. Soo… right before all the chaos struck about … Continue reading

Peep Inside My Invisible Knapsack

michelle joni blonde afro

Since the last time I blogged five days ago, a LOT has gone on in my brain. I’m back… and I’ve been to the MOON in the meantime. I have some news. My bubble has popped. I have re-read almost … Continue reading