The Night Before and Afro Was Born

Midnight. After a night of fashion partying with the gays, my good friend Jon Valdez came back to my place. OH EM GEE! He’s a big furry care bear from Texas who wears bow ties and blogs about celebs and OM … Continue reading

My Foray Into Womanhood: The Big Bat Mitzvah

“Why have you not been yourself? Why have you not been true to the best in you?” “Have I made any progress at all in this, the greatest of all arts, the art of living?” These are the questions my … Continue reading

Afro’s First Outing: The Do-Over

After taking in that first life-changing breath of fro-ish air on St. Marks Place, I met up with my rad roommate Jessie and we headed out for our much-anticipated Sunday plans: The Do-Over. A day to dance, celebrate and do the … Continue reading